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It is critical to Commercial Air that your mechanical equipment and ductwork be installed and maintained in an optimal condition to perform efficiently. Whether it's a multi-million dollar installation or a minor retrofit, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your equipment is installed properly and running smoothly.

Sheet Metal

Commercial Air utilizes union sheet metal workers to fabricate and install any and all size sections of duct, as well as duct liners and fittings.


Commercial Air utilizes union plumbers who are licensed with the State of Indiana and experienced in Commercial & Industrial installations.


Commercial Air employs union pipefitters and welders who are able to fabricate and install piping systems that include but not limited to:

Underground Welded Steel
Hot & Chilled Water Vacuum
Hydronic Gas


Commercial Air has a long history of installing a wide range of mechanical and plumbing equipment including but not limited to:

Chillers Cooling Towers
Boilers Air Handlers
Pumps Roof Top Units


Commercial Air employs BIM Coordinators that specialize in providing full service BIM modeling. Experienced coordinators provide shop, fabrication and spool drawings, as well as run project meetings to coordinate all trades.

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